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14 9 / 2014


Let It Be Me, Chapter 3

Rating: M

Word Count: 9,456

“I know this is easier said than done, but you have to stop crying.” Iris West hands Felicity another tissue from the box she’s holding in her lap. “Research shows babies are conscious in the womb. All that crying is going to make this baby think you don’t want it.”

She does want it. That much she’s figured out. Which is part of the problem. She’s gone through all the pros and cons of having this child, and the decision to keep the baby seems almost selfish. Because her life? It’s the epitome of danger and chaos. Bringing a child into her world is downright irresponsible.

So why can’t she talk herself out of it?

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This is soooo amaziiiing!!!!!

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Arrow OTPs : Meaning of Names

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See how they’ve both got such smug smiles on their faces?

O. T. Fucking. P. 

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"Is it real or am I watching an adaptation of a fanfiction?"

Me, after Arrow promo and Olicity spoilers (via my-name-is-saugaro)

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"How the hell are we suppose to survive 34 days until that premiere"

The whole Olicity/Arrow fandom after that new trailer {Via olicitytheloveofhislife} (via olicitytheloveofhislife)

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